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A few years ago at Logical Building, we found it challenging to keep up with our many customer sites, and we saw an opportunity to grow our service offerings. We met both by building a cloud backed app we call BuildingPulse.

We wanted site status and specific site information available to us on mobile devices.

We wanted to enable ourselves and our customers to schedule relevant locations easily from those same mobile devices, or the web.

We wanted those interactions to be secure, sand-boxed as much as possible, and without opening up WebCTRL to the open Internet.

BuildingPulse does this and more.

If you're an Automated Logic Dealer, we believe you have similar needs and challenges. So we went a little further, and now with BuildingPulse 2.1 it's available to everyone.

We've made sure that each BuildingPulse dealers' data is kept separately, so your dealership can use the same secure features we've come to rely upon at Logical Building.

Rest assured that BuildingPulse is an active project developed and maintained by our staff. We go through a rigorous development cycle that delivers updates every three to six months. We have exciting plans for the product, but the foundation of those plans is reliability.

  • Secure email verified logins for all accounts
  • Tight firewall policy enabled by a secure connection from Google Cloud domain
  • HTTPS communication between BuildingPulse Cloud, WebCTRL sites, and BuildingPulse related apps
  • Device level sandbox security provided by iOS, macOS, and Android OS
  • Encrypted account passwords and password policy
  • Secure connection via a growing list of native app platforms, including: iOS, macOS, and Android OS
  • Enhanced UX for tablet based users, but same features as phone based users
  • Native app technology enables us to easily tap specific platform features, like Apple Keychain, Apple and Google Play notification
  • Consistent UI/UX regardless of chosen platform
  • Uses Automated Logic’s fully optimized way to extend WebCTRL via the WebCTRL Add-on API
  • Solid Framework for Building IoT and analytics
  • Minimal configuration required, even for dashboards
  • Users can order and hide data on their own dashboards
  • Quickly and securely navigate across current data from multiple WebCTRL systems
  • Multiple native platforms supported including iOS, Android OS, macOS, and coming soon: tvOS
  • Web browser support for AfterHours
  • Ensures a highly available and globally scalable solution
  • A core infrastructure for data analytics and machine learning
  • Google's Datastore and Bigtable enable query times independent of data size
  • Superior user experience for quick and easy access to key data using a native mobile app
  • Allow stakeholders to view particular relevant key data without giving access to the BMS system itself. This can be any group you like, such as tenants, data centers admins, sub-tenants, external consultants, or C Level executives.
  • Access data across multiple WebCTRL systems seamlessly with one secure login


What can it do for your dealership?

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